About Me

Hello readers and listeners! My name is Drew and I’m a Cancer who likes making zines, seeing theatre, petting my ancient dog and of COURSE reading comics.

I love comics. I’ve loved them since I started reading at age 9. At the time I got into mostly mainstream stuff with a SERIOUS Spider-man fixation once Tobey McGuire started doing his thing.

I’m one of those jerks that is really good at predicting stories, much to the occasional irritation of my partner, and while there is no lack of creativity in mainstream comics I started to get tired of the folks coming back from the dead, unnecessarily changing costumes, constantly fighting with each other etc. OH AND THE EVENTS. Why so many?!

Suffice it to say I was turned on to independent, small press, and self published comics/zines because within that subset I found stories oozing with originality and a lack of apologies. Characters and stories were chaotic, fresh, inclusive, and many times real, leading the way for self care, self expression, and a blank and unfiltered canvas. These comics and zines are the purest vision of many artists’s ideas without having to hold back any emotion or physicality, and folks have to know about them… and I’mm gonna tell them.

So here we are, on the top floor of For the Love of Indie Tower, discussing comics, zines, manga, anything that I feel positively about. Negativity is in abundance on the internet, but the only books that you’ll hear about here are the ones that resonated with me.