For the Love of Indie #110

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!

Your host Drew (…me) was interviewed on a Youtube show! Specifically, The Comics Multiverse hosted by Chad Burdette! You can see this historic interview here.

The Campfire Comics & Stories collection is a quarterly anthology with a tons of incredible talent from all over. You can check out the new winter anthology here, but this issue of rejuvenation and nature from 2019 that I reviewed can be picked up here.

John, Dear by Laura Lannes (published by Retrofit/Big Planet Comics) is a frightening tale of a woman being gaslit by an emotionally abusive partner. As time goes on, this story takes a body horror turn that show’s the further dangers of this type of relationship, and how it can make a person feel. Pick up your copy here and check out Laura’s past project, Bad Boyfriends, here.

In a rare feat of blended eroticism, horror, and religious allegories David Genchi‘s La Gameti explodes onto the show, with it’s fair share of viscera. If you would like to witness these instances of danger and intimacy (presented in grotesque and vibrant panoramas) then you can get a copy here!

Twisted Vision is a tome of art by Junji Ito published by Viz. While some of the images will be familiar, readers will be pleased to see them in these scaled up prints and the section about how each piece was developed was intriguing. You can get Twisted Vision here (I suggest you hurry, my “small print run” senses are tingling), preorder Venus in the Blind Spot here, and get excited about Hellstar Remina here!

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