For the Love of Indie #109

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!


This episode started out with a discussion of BIPOC in comics. I brought up titles such as Upgrade Soul, Hot Comb, Sports is Hell, Your Black Friend, Kindred, Ghost Stories, I Am Alphonso Jones, Deathstroke, Black Planther, Black Comix Returns, March, Bttm Fdrs, Are You at Risk for Empathy Myopia?, Static, Bingo Love, Fight Like a Girl and more. I highly recommend the Encyclopedia of Black Comics as a resource. You can buy it here.


Avery Hills Publishing released an exceptionally well valued collection of stories including: Goatherded by Charlo Frade, Swear Jar by Abe Christie, Buttertubs by Donya Tate, A Projection by Seekan Hui, A Quiet Disaster by Alex Potts, and Parsley Girl by Matt Swan. You can buy the whole bundle here!


The Fang is written and drawn by Marc Palm and (correction to the podcast) distributed by Fantagraphics. It’s a little bit Jim Henson and a little bit old horror movie, with all of the debauchery that comes with. You can buy it here.


Witchlight is a wonderful fantasy romance story written and drawn by Jessi Zabarsky and published by Czap Books. With an appropriate level of witchcraft and a lively drawing style, this book is a real treat. I lied on the show, this actually just got reprinted. Grab it here.


Umma’s Table, written and drawn by Yeon-Sik Hong and published by Drawn & Quarterly is the food filled, mentally accurate, anthropomorphic family manga you didn’t know you needed. Pick up your copy here.


Three equally beautiful and thought provoking stories written and drawn by the astounding Rosemary Valero-O’Connell and published by Shortbox. Science fiction, grand concepts, and ethereal visuals reside inside. You can get a copy here.

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