Satanic Romantic Comedy

Dating is hard. Lots of putting yourself out there and opening up. Now, imagine how hard the dating world is when your prospects have been nothing but demons. No Romance In Hell by Hyena Hell and published by Silver Sprocket is here to tell you exactly what the romance scene is like in Hell as well as above it.

After spending eternity torturing and reading trashy romance comics, a female demon gets restless and wants some romantic companionship of her own. When she has no luck with fellow demons she decides to take her conquest up to Earth, hoping to find a fling closer to what she’s seen in her comics. It doesn’t take long for the demon to realize that humanity is… well… humanity, but that doesn’t stop her from her search. Those who are found unsuitable find themselves destroyed, and the demon’s fiery path doesn’t seem to be aiding her love seeking. It’s a blast, often literally.

I loved the language of this comic. I thought that the demon’s voice was perfect for her. She was clearly a bid sadistic but also very naive to the Earth realm ways and it made for some hilarious realizations, frustrations, and cartoon violence. The character is just so much larger than both worlds she inhabits, and this makes her ridiculously powerful. Opposite to her are the various “gentlemen” she goes on dates with, each showing off how insufferable and toxic the dating community can be. Also of note, the Hell panels are kinetic and fiery, with characters that equal parts bicker and flirt, both very abrasively, which for the reader is a lot of fun.

This is not my first book by Hyena Hell and it definitely won’t be the last. Her title The Quality of Pain is one of my favorite comics of the past decade, and her “half mini” (dimensions of a magazine, 12 pages long) title The Model isn’t that far behind. This is a badass book that shows a character with her own rules questioning what we have come to know and see (unfortunately, at time) and her basic disregard for human life makes for some great humor beats. You can pick up this book from Silver Sprocket here, and check out the rest of Hyena Hell’s available titles here.

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