Explosive Thinking

Sometimes, the way our bodies or minds choose to release our thoughts is cryptic. For some, it can be exceedingly difficult to keep all that you absorb on the outside in, which is an idea that Marina Julia plays with under a romantic lens in their minicomic Yllw Yllw Yllw, published by Diskette Press.

Sol enjoys life on reflex, but at a point it feels like it’s just because it’s what you’re supposed to do. Basil, on the other hand, finds that to be difficult. Whenever Basil is thinking too much the ideas in their head manifest as small cloud like entities that unabrasively float around. When Sol recognizes these shapes and follows them to be reunited with Basil, sparks immediately fly. Basil and Sol can talk about anything and are both awoken by how alive they make each other feel. For Basil this is normal (but intimidating), feeling things is one of the reasons why they’re in the self conscious state that they’re in. On the flip side of that is Sol who is used to being more unfeeling, which she is surprised to find is slowly changing

Marina’s story is so sweet and so wholesome that it almost exudes warmth. Yllw Yllw Yllw introduces us to characters who we immediately find endearing. This is a minicomic that isn’t afraid to show the weaknesses of the characters that inhabit it. Speaking of the characters, I adored their designs. Sol and Basil both look like the folks I was never cool enough to hang out with and the backgrounds are unendingly lush. Whether we are looking at the gardening Sol does or the thought “bubbles” (huh) that erupt out of Basil there is always something to look at and a detail that is still to be discovered. This book is risograph printed as well, being about 2/3 in black and white and 1/3 in… you guessed it, yellow, to show Basil’s thoughts. I think using the yellow for these peculiar shape’s further shows how foreign and singular anxiety can be, how much it can feel like it’s all over you.

This is a comic about support, expression, and romance. Sol and Basil are charming to read together from their first moment on a page together, and Marina Julia is obviously very confident in the craft to create that much tangible chemistry. If you’re a fan of design and well drawn characters, and are as impressed as I am when a mini is this well fleshed out, I’d hunt down the comic. BUT WHERE?! Physically, Yllw Yllw Yllw is out of print, however you can pick up a copy digitally at Marina’s Gumroad.

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