For the Love of Indie #108

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!

starts at 01m06s

Marie and Worrywart is written and drawn by Jenn Woodall and features a young woman trying to live her life and everyone’s favorite sidekick: anxiety. Jenn creates a relatable and personal story that can resonate with adults as well as teens who may be starting to exhibit anxiety. You can get this book here!

starts at 04m41s

Joel Orff and Alternative Comics‘ Twice Shy presents us with the struggle of being stuck in a rutt, only to be pulled out by a child our protagonist Bob didn’t know he had. There are a lot of warm moments in this book to match some of the more melancholic story beats and the end is really something. You can pick up this book here!

starts at 07m45s

Bat-Man Is Lost In A Woods is written and drawn by David Enos and published by California Clap. It’s a minicomic that features the world’s greatest detective (more or less) doing what he does best, having memory issues and getting lost in the woods while looking for his wife. This is equal parts homage and parody, resulting in an abstract tale of a familiar character doing unfamiliar things. You can pick this up here!

starts at 12m00s

Spugna‘s The Rust Kingdom (published by Hollow Press) is a dystopian fantasy story about an unnamed sword absorbing warrior ripping across the desolate landscape with a necromancer to right his past wrongs. This book is totally disgusting and the action and fast, gory, and vibrant. Spugna’s design choices are obtuse and uninviting, but this really pulls the reader in. You can get it (and the companion titles) here!

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