For the Love of Indie #107

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!

Starts at 01m35s

Canopus, written and drawn by Dave Chisholm and published by Scout Comics, introduces us to Helen, an amnesiac on a strange planet with a suspicious robot and a warning she has to deliver to Earth. She is determined to get off the pink planet and in doing so Dave gets to let his imagination fly with some unique dangers and fantastic vistas. This issue comes out on February 12th, here is the link for the Previews code (you can order from your LCS).

Starts at 7m11s

Written by Liam Cobb and published by Retrofit/Big Planet, The Prince re-imagines a fairy tale as a male frog and a female human start to bond and become… friends. Partially funny, partially erotic, partially David Lynch, this book is haunting and unpredictable. You can get this book physically or digitally.

Starts at 11m19s

In an explosion of psychedelic technology we see Hex Cymatics, written and drawn by Rodger Binyone. Two cops go on a journey of vibrant bio-technologies and eccentric supervisors on a dire time sensitive mission. The abstract meets the geometric on a visually brilliant cosmic trip. You can buy this book here!

Starts at 17m56s

The Man Who Came Down the Attic Stairs is a reprint/glow up/add on to Celine Loup‘s earlier published comic of the same name (but this time it is published by Archaia). Emma has recently gotten excited about her new family, but plagued by the wailings of her distraught newborn she starts to unravel and fear those she thought she could trust. This book is a horror story themed around postpartum depression, resulting in a strong, layered story with new material for fans of the original printing. You can buy this book here and more of Celine’s art here.

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