Small Press Snapshot #9

Taemons is written and drawn by Kim Salt and published by ShortBox. It follows a woman who finds herself in an ethereal world after conversing with a member of that world. Where she is now is an abstract land of introspection and bizarre rules. While on her travails she confesses that she wants to be seen, and maybe this place will give her the internal tools to do so, if she can even get back. Kim’s art uses a soft line with sparse but planned patches of color and creature design that fits the atmosphere of this mysterious plane perfectly. As we get to see, a journey of self discovery is never easy, but it can look beautiful from the outside. You can buy Taemons here.

Emily Cheeseman‘s Under the Evergloom is a whimsical tale of educating the uneducated and understanding others with just a pinch of romance. As a mortal (Oren) finds himself under a mythical”Evergloom Tree”, a dryad (Asphodel) approaches and the two spark a playful conversation about the forest they are in and the differences between their species. This is a story of understanding and learning about others, resulting in a purely pleasant experience. There is no darkness in this story outside of the dark shades of purple Cheeseman uses throughout, character models have a fluid physicality that lends to the character identities we’re seeing, environments are absolutely gorgeous… it’s a truly tranquil experience, just a great moment. You can pick up Under the Evergloom here.

The Static Zine series was a DIY zine published and edited by Jessica Lewis, Aviva Cohen, and Melody Lamb. The series ended with issue 15 in 2017, however many of the issues (such as the featured 8th issue) are available if you look hard enough. This issue features 29 stories, aids, and bits of knowledge to help those who go through stress and depression feel validated and [with any luck] more comfortable. From short comic strips to herbal blends to poetry to even a creator I really like, Elaine M. Will, talking about her incredible title Look Straight Ahead there wasn’t a single page of this that didn’t ooze acceptance and kinship through something that clearly reaches so many people. Amongst stories of hope are stories of difficulty, whether that be about relatives, performance anxiety, even video games, each showing a different aspect to stress and that everyone may experience it differently, but that doesn’t mean their aren’t similarities in each experience. This was a great read and it’s about as classic as zines come while finding ways to present anecdotes that still felt fresh, such as Andrea Wrobel’s BecauseFeed. I want to get a full collection of Static. It’s a zine with a brief but storied history that supports art and ideas with themed fervor. You MAY find this issue online, but it isn’t available from StaticCloud (the zine’s Etsy), many other back issues are though!

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