For the Love of Indie #106

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!

Being Human is a manga adaptation of the title by Osamu Dazai, reworked by the incomparable Junji Ito and published by Viz. This chronicles the life of Yozo Oba, a man who has succumb to the fact that he is not human, and thus just lives his life in moments which always end in tragedy, typically for those around him. It’s a tough read, and I give a TRIGGER WARNING for 2 moments of assault early in the book. You don’t have walking fish, spiraling people, or eternal beauties, but you do have an interesting look at a deplorable and sick character. You can get it here!

Written and drawn by Abigael Puritz (as her thesis at SVA), ADRI introduces us to an artificial intelligence that can transfer old minds into new bodies. With an excellent grasp of the science fiction genre and a style that is reminiscent of Battle Angel Alita, ADRI is a great opening chapter on this saga. The story WILL be more accessible in time but in the meantime, hear Abigael talk all about it!

From Kyle Simmers (co-writer and illustrator), Ryan Danny Owen (co-writer and letterer, NSFW site), and Renegade Arts Entertainment come Pass Me By: Gone Fishin’. This is the first in a series featuring an old man named Ed who has been diagnosed with dementia and is reliving old memories while trying to keep the present in tact. Many of these memories bring back some repressed moments from Ed’s life, making this already impossible transition that much more difficult. This book first appeared as a Kickstarter, and now it’s out in all of it’s honest, teal and pink glory. You can get a copy here!

Molly Mendoza stops by the For the Love of Indie Tower (…a couple of months ago) to talk all about her process, Skip, and what’s to come. What dimensions were left behind in the process? How was this massive story fleshed out? What does Speed Racer have to do with it? Listen in and find out, it was a really fun talk. Also, be sure to pick up Skip if you haven’t yet. Buy it here!

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