Crowd Funding Round-Up #5

Good will can lead to good comics! Here are some awesome projects on Kickstarter at the moment:

Gabriel Dunston‘s Purgatory Pub is probably the most theologically thought provoking and comedic comic I’ve read in quite some time. The series follows an angel and a demon who are drinking buddies as they get into all sort of hijinks and we learn that going downstairs isn’t so great but going upstairs definitely has it’s flaws too. This unlikely duo provides a ton of humorous content and the cartooning illustration style is spot on. Currently the third volume is on Kickstarter, and it has our pair trying to split damnation and salvation with one poor schlub. It’s a hoot! Back the campaign for book 3 and the other volumes here!

Speaking of spirituality, Slightly Exagerated (by writer Curtis Clow, illustrator Pius Bak, and letterer Toben Racicot) introduces a brand new take on the subject with the story of a dying woman on a treasure hunt that involves stealing from a wicked cult with the help of various aquatic creatures. The creators tout a tale with a taste of Ghibli, Last Airbender, and Tomb Raider, and from the gorgeous illustrations I can see that, but it also looks “of it’s own” in it’s design, particularly with it’s creatures. You can back the campaign here.

The call for adventure is ringing and Prince Tatian Elfiore will take the call in Halls of the Turnip King, by Brenda Hickey (of the creating team Pegamoose Press). Our blunderous prince is on a quest to bring peace to the elf and dwarf kingdoms, however his typical charm doesn’t previal as it typically does. This book is my FAVORITE genre of fantasy, comedic. The visuals look like a blast and the dialogue seems to run alongside it very well, with antics abound and an interesting looking cast. Not to mention the hardcover looks fantastic. You can back this title here!

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