For the Love of Indie #104

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!

Starts at 03m44s

Trevor Henderson‘s Odd Noises in Empty Rooms discusses the figures that are hiding in the dark in one page short stories. The creatures are vile, the tales are haunting, and the season for such things is quickly approaching (as if you need a reason). The book is currently out of stock but you can see what lies within here.

Starts at 08m22s

The fourth issue of the UK based zine Farid features stories about Yolk magazine, intimate devices, and trips with good friends, all while introducing new concepts for digital zines. You can check out this issue for free on Issuu, as well as the other issues.

Starts at 16m06s

*TRIGGER WARNING* Crude Intentions is an anthology featuring illustrations and comics that are derived from real life experiences with sexual assault or harassment. Each page captures so much emotion and tells so much, typically with very few words. This is a hard read, but in that it is also very powerful and, I feel, important. You can buy it from Outpost, the whole list of contributors is there too.

Starts at 21m42s

Nicotine… What’s it’s deal? Is it ALL bad? The LAMMEL Laboratory is here with research zine publication Two Photon Art to give you the scoop, and in a traditional zine format too. Answering questions many of us have about this dangerous plant, Nicotine is about educating, not demonizing. You can get the zine here!

Starts at 27m55s

From the mind of Jed McGowan comes the Ignatz Award nominated mini, Gonzalo (published by Shortbox). In an attempt to help the planet a series of robot animals have been sent out, and one robot bear wants nothing more than to see the cub Gonzalo succeed, but growing up can be hard, and machinery only lasts so long. You can buy Gonzalo and see a preview here.

Starts at 35m57s

Starring Andrea Rosen and Max Jenkins, directed by Alex Kavutskiy comes the absurd short film Squirrel. The short film takes a lot of nuanced approaches to film making to showcase an ill fated apology. It is totally free and can be watched here.

This episode I am joined by one of my great friends, Tara Rule. Tara is an artist, short film creator, and just an all around swell person. You can check out her videos here and her art here.

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