Small Press Snapshot #8

When the mind is wandering the body is… restless. In Sam Thurman‘s The Body, a man’s body gets frustrated with the negativity it’s adjoined head is thinking and spouting, so it decides to toss the noggin aside and venture off on it’s own, without the weight of that negativity. This tale is absurd, but in that absurdity comes a very serene journey with an unexpected protagonist, showing the world through the… torso of someone who is unencumbered by the thoughts we commonly plague ourselves with. The book is printed in black and purple for the environments around the body and it looks daaaamn good. Partially funny, partially frightening, and very inventive, The Body is a trip that you can get in on here.

Here it is… the world famous comics anthology of indie creators known as Krayons Ego! This homage/parody/spoof of Kramer’s Ergot features some farcical takes on Craig Thompson (specifically Blankets), James Kochalka (and his elf friend), Jeffrey Brown(‘s dating conquests) and more. I’ve gotta say, the tone and style of each story isn’t that of the aforementioned creators but some of them do hit daaaamn close. This book was written/drawn/conceived by Jesse Reklaw, Josh Frankel, Karen Sneider, Tom Neely, and Sarah Oleksyk with both respect and humor, but mostly humor. This is parody done RIGHT and I strongly hope we will get future installments, not to mention seeing these creators interpret other folks in the industry is a blast. You can get it [very scarcely] here!

Everybody has their thing. For some it’s the sound of textures rubbing together, for others it’s the way food looks, and for Mama Lips it all comes down to those sweet sweet geriatrics. Old Fat Men Turn Me On is a book all about gerontophilia, which I feel is contextually defined here. Old men come in many shapes, sizes, and goofy eccentricities and Mama Lips is feeling them all. Featuring geezers in all of their charm and… wrinklyness, this book is a real laugh out loud title. The art is pretty simplistic but in that the humor beats hit harder. Reader beware, there are some NSFW elements and they are exactly what you may expect. This book is out of print but you can check out Mama Lips other books (and music) here.

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