For the Love of Indie #102

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!


Into the Garden is small anthology by Geneviève Bigué, Patricia Duchesne, & Laurence Goulet-Tremblay. Three stories, one subject. We’ve got avian people, the living process of the earth, and a mysteriously lush garden, all beautifully illustrated. Your best bet for picking one of these up (if there are still copies) is by DMing one of the creators: @gen.bigue / @laurence_gt / @oohbhoy


The first issue of Disorder, by Erika Price and from Diskette Press, is a risoprinted poetic display of the internal monsters that can haunt us. It’s harsh, difficult to peel your eyes from, and available from Diskette right here.


Matt Lesniewski‘s The Freak (published by Adhouse Books) features an unfortunately ugly man who finds misunderstanding and violence on his quest to just live. You can buy The Freak here!


Beth Barnett (of Hallo Spaceboy) brings us another charming and introspective autobiographical tale in Dreamers of the Day. Chronicling her experiences/feelings as she researches one of her heroes, T.E. Lawrence, Beth shows us some history and the introspection this trip has given her (plus a good set up). This book will be available at SPX and elsewhere after that.

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