For the Love of Indie #101

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!

Starts at 1m13s

Day of the Flying Head is written and drawn by Shintaro Kago and published by Hollow Press. It asks the question, “What would the world be like if we could eject our central nervous system and head and leave our bodies alone for a bit?” Get the series here!

Starts at 6m19s

Silver Wire is written & drawn by Kriota Willberg (of Draw Stronger: Self Care for Cartoonists). The book provides us with a look at embroidery and it’s significance in medical history. Buy it here!

Starts at 11m00s

My Favourite Girl That I Never See is written and drawn by Courtney Loberg and published by ChiZine.Have you been looking for a legit story of magick and witchcraft? Look no further then riiiiiiiiight here.

Starts at 15m11s

Face Fatigue is a body horror tale written and drawn by Tia Roxae. When folks turn 21, they notice changes to their bodies. Some of those changes can be… monstrous. Face Fatigue is out of print at the moment but check out more of Tia’s work on Etsy.

Starts at 18m35s

AJ Dungo‘s In Waves is tragic, informative, and poignant. On one hand you see an overview of surfing’s history and on the other you see how surfing was a means of connection and freedom for AJ and his dying partner, Kristen. This book is published by Nobrow and you can get it from their site.

Starts at 23m38s

The first issue of William Cardini‘s Urscape brings us to the darkest, most abstract corners of the Hyperverse. Cardini continuously shows us how a universe can grow and what that universe looks like, this time at the Miiizard’s misfortune/curiosity. Buy Urscape (and the rest of the Hyperverse library) from William’s shop.

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