Electricity Is Her Element

I will ALWAYS be a fan of large scale stories, so it was a real joy to learn all about Kat Crow‘s title Electricity is Her Element. Looking at this book the first thing I saw was an explosion of colors and cosmic forces performing feats of elemental strength. In other words, I was immediately captivated by this cosmic ride.

This story captures the meeting of various storm/element based forces, drawn as serpents, on Jupiter’s moon, Io. Why would Hail, Dust, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and the Great Red [eye of Jupiter itself] be meeting? Chaos!

Chaos is starting to diminish in the universe, and with that comes a dissipating strength for these creatures. In a bold act to restore cosmic chaos to it’s former glory, the serpents have turned to the stronger elements prevalent throughout the universe. As we quickly learn, Jupiter’s forces will truly give anything to see a lack of order restored, but what will be left of them? Luckily for all, Ker Bop (the herald of Electricity) is here to answer these questions as well as a few more about how the universe runs.

I’ve been following Kat’s work since I met her a few years ago and I am consistently impressed. Everything always flows so well and feels thoroughly intentional. The art in this book brings a multitude of colors to the darkness of space, and each serpent and element is entirely distinctive from the rest. With highlights that look like a reflection of the surrounding stars and grand elemental acts that seem just as powerful as the concepts they are based upon, this book is a treat for the eyes. Everything feels big and important, featuring text full of whimsy with an outside the box science lesson added in. Plus, every character has a different font, which is a testament to the commitment to this project.

From the design explanations in the back, to the abnormal size of the book, to the way the fourth wall is incorporated into the story, this has clearly been a journey for Kat, the culmination of which is a book that is massive in scale and unique as a reading experience.

Unfortunately, this book isn’t physically available right now, BUT there is a Kickstarter that starts today in all of it’s 48 page glory! You can back it here. Don’t pass this one up, it’s the perfect combination of fantasy and science with some stunning visuals guiding you through.

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