Crowd Funding Round-Up #4

Comic creators Matt Bryan and Mike McCubbins join forces to bring you Anasazi, a gorgeous hardcover graphic novel that takes certain (few) human tropes and applies them to a new species in regards to war, assimilation, and cultures.

This story is not in English nor any other language anyone has ever seen before. Within these 16 chapters we learn 16 words in the forms of glyphs from the characters that we witness as two feuding factions, the Anasazi and the Malecite, try to both fight and possibly find a way to reconcile.

This looks like it’s going to be a story of wartime horror with characters that are just inhuman enough to creep you out while still feeling and doing somewhat relatable things. It looks stunning inside and out, and the plot seems like it’s going to be playing with the medium is some interesting ways. Back the Kickstarter here!

Come Together is the anthology I didn’t realize I needed. Edited by Tab Kimpton and Alex Assan, this collection features the erotic work of numerous artists/writers, all around the central theme of a sensual reunion, which I’m sure many can relate to.

With stories about missed flights, summer vacation, reaching out, and catching up with a good… pal this book seems to have a relatable story for everyone, and the art samples really makes me want to read each of these in detail. Plus, Niki Smith is working on a story so you KNOW you’re in for a treat. Back this anthology here!

Contributors include: Ariel VittoriCharlot KristensenAlex AssanLin Darrow, Anni K, Charu, Emil, Dominique Duong, Hari Conner, Jade Sarson, Niki Smith, Rica March, Shazleen Khan, Tab Kimpton, Vasarru, Zachary Kjoge

Also on the anthology front but not quite as salacious is The Seas. Using the briny deep and other ocean related imagery each story in this anthology sets out to talk about humanity, and how small we can feel in it.

With stories in a variety of styles with both fictional and nonfictional plots, each contributor aims to show the human condition whether that be with humor or severity. When it comes to humanity, the way the sea ebbs and flows but is also unafraid and aggressive makes it a very apt comparison, and these visuals really accentuate that. You can back the Kickstarter here.

Contributors include: Ian Miller, Dave Crane, Gareth Hopkins, Miranda Smart, Mister Zinester, Jaime Nyx, Motobus, Zeno the Cartoonist, Simon Russell, Vacuum Books, Sophie Ell, iestyn (who is also the publisher and editor)

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