Small Press Spotlight #7

In Circle, Alexis Cooke illustrates the trauma of depression and how cyclical it can be by playing with the medium itself. This accordian style minicomic presents us with vignettes about how time consuming and painful depression is. In my opinion the title is very true to life and the way it is presented in almost an envelope shape really pulls in the eye and creates a unique (and for some relatable) experience.

I think this is an excellent personification of the pit depression can put us in while also providing us with one very personal perspective. There are so many forms and struggles people experience with depression, and Alexis captures not only one thought process, but several. It’s honest, rough, and has incredible production value.

You can buy Circle here.

In my time as a comics fan I have seen numerous publications come and go, but Picturebox‘s departure was the most disappointing for me. The publication had/has some incredible titles, one of my favorites being H Day by Renée French.

This curious book is formatted with the story of a round headed humanoid figure on the left and a graphite illustrated story on the right, together forming an abstract tale that is open to interpretation, but has it’s own in depth story if you pay attention. Both types of images work in tandem to provide atmosphere as we see this sphere-headed creature struggle with isolation and an uncharacterized pain while a canine-esque creature takes a fantastic journey through profound environments.

I found this book to be delightfully curious, and you can get it here! Strand actually interviewed Renee when the book came out. Here is Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

For those of you unaware, Rabid Rabbit is an anthology compiled by Paul Hoppe that has artists create stories based on a certain subjects, many times featuring rabbits. We’ve seen collections about trash, cats, The Beatles, and obviously, porn (specifically in RabidRabbit #7).

This anthology is definitely for audiences 18+, but it isn’t a book of porn as much as it is about porn. Within these covers are stories about sex gone wrong or how peculiar the pornography experience/industry can be, with many jokes about how bizarre that industry can be and even a test to see how well you know your smut. They also throw in a few silly games and some good ‘ol fashion fantasy sex, so you could say it’s the perfect package (not even a euphemism). Everyone gets to go ham with the subject and the results are a blast!

This is not the newest issue of Rabid Rabbit so copies may be a bit sparse, but there are some copies at Birdcage Bottom Books. If you want to stock up, BBB has a bunch of back issues too.

Contributors are: Anuj ShresthaFay RyuReuben NegronPaul HoppeBen X. TrinhMarion VitusSakura MakuAya KakedaBen SeaBrian M. WeaverBen MarraSung Yoon ChoiTao Nyeu,  C.M.ButzerMike Reddy, James L. Barry, Dunja JankovicMatt RotaKripa Joshi, Knut Larsson, Adam Eye, Jillian TamakiHye-Won Yum, Ai Tatebayashi, Wendi Koontz, S.Y.Choi, Fay Ryu

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