For the Love of Indie #99

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!

Timestamp: 2m31s

The first arc of Nobrow and Alexander Utkin‘s Gamayun Tales ends with the most recent chapter, Tyna of the Lake (but don’t worry, more is coming) and the payoff is excellent. All of the mythology, magic, and arcs of The Bird King and The Water Spirit culminate in a book that introduces readers to something new while wrapping up the story of the merchant’s cursed son.

You can get Tyna of the Lake here. If you need to catch up, make sure to get The Bird King and The Water Spirit.

Timestamp: 6m39s

From the publication Rotopol and writer/artist Nick Edwards comes It Had To Be You. Join the abstract and dangerous world of Edwards’ protagonist Ob. It’s violant, creative, and the funniest thing I’ve read in a while.

You can get or read It Had To Be You here.

Timestamp: 10m14s

The humans are all gone, but luckily for us Michelle Gish is here to tell us what happens next in We Are Here Forever, published by Quirk Books. The Puramus are here to fill the void that was left and as we see a world of peace… and some goofy humor.

You can preorder this possible future (why not?) tale here. Out July 30th!

Timestamp: 14m56s

Kyle Fewell‘s The Hamburger Prince explodes onto the seen with a jampacked first issue featuring a Gameboy-powered warrior and the Hamburger Prince she meets and joins on a heroic mission.

It’s nerdy! It’s anime inspired! It’s fantastic. Get it here!

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