Crowd Funding Round-Up #3

Dustin Harbin is an awesome creator. He makes a ton of diary comics that are all humorous, heartfelt, and expertly drawn. Unfortunately for Dustin and the comics community, Dustin has been in a bike accident and it costs a ton to get back on his feet. Help Dustin’s Go Fund Me here.

This Kickstarter is for the first book in Iron Circus‘s new imprint Circus Maximus. It is titled Shattered Spear and it’s written and drawn by Otava Heikkilä. The story takes place in the Jordan Valley 10,000 years ago as a spellkeeper named Naihu gets robbed by a mysterious individual named Pitu and the two are forced to work together to survive a dangerous trek. The art in this book is so unique and ambient, and apparently this will be the only way to get the book physically. Check the this title out on and then get a copy right here.

The Center for Cartoon Studies is publishing This Is What Democracy Looks Like and I’m thrilled. This digestable 32-page comic has been created by students and teachers at CCS and provides resources, information and even a lesson plan on not only the importance of a democracy but also ways to uphold and support that democracy all with a focus on empowerment and civil rights. With the funds from the Kickstarter CCS plans on not only distributing the title, but taking a tour to schools so that cartoonists and other educators from the program can do informative workshops culminating in students getting their own copy of this title. To help them with this task they have teamed up with The Mikva Challenge, to make sure this information reaches as many areas in need as possible. Back the Kickstarter here!

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