Small Press Snapshot #5

In Gerard D’Albon‘s The Forest we see the journey of a young man on a quest for a mystical gem. Like any good fantasy adventure we have our fair share of magic old and new, monsters, and of course a mysterious power source. D’Albon’s world is occupied by side characters who create a the world we see explored as well as a young, nameless dedicated protagonist who I was instantly rooting for. Part of my affinity for the character is his demeanor but more than that are the sequentials animating his actions (particularly the magic, it looks incredible). Our gem searching lead works HARD and when the crescendo of the issue hits there’s a noticeable pay off. I find it very fitting that this story is comprised of dreams and improvisation, and I commend the creator using both of those tools to craft The Forest. Get it here!

Kate Berwanger‘s Predictive Text Poetry is a beautiful curiosity. As the title may suggest, each poem composed in this zine is made essentially unconsciously, but we as readers soon discover (just as Kate did) that what started out as experimental storytelling has turned into something that is relatable and in many cases bizarrely poignant. Each page has the cut out poems layered over backgrounds thriving with complexity and eye catching composition. Collage is such a versatile way to present art, but the way that Kate captures emotion and atmosphere so strongly is truly impressive. You pick up a copy riiiiiiight here.

The signs were all there… and James [the] Stanton’s I Think Our Friend Dan Might Be A Dolphin is going to lay it all out for you. Join this investigation into the life of Dan, who happens to share quite a few similarities with a certain aquatic creature. The help he needs eating, the way he is… interested by other dolphins, his swimming skill, it’s all there and James makes sure it is EXACTLY as ridiculous as it sounds. That handsome super smooth face on the cover is exactly what you’re going to see on these pages, which in and of itself is funny, but add James’s hilarious wit with dialogue and illustration and you have a real humor hit. Have a good laugh here! Also, take a look at some of Mr. Stanton’s Gnartoons, they’re a whole mess of fun.

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