For the Love of Indie #98

Can looking ahead spoil a podcast episode? Don’t find out! You can get this episode on Google PlayiTunesStitcher or here!

In Over the Wall, Peter Wartman showed an incredible strength at world building, and his newly released second volume in the saga, Stonebreaker, continues the trend.

Head to Uncivilized Books/ODOD and buy both volumes for yourself. You won’t regret it.

Emily Carroll provides us with a tale of treachery, passion, and MURDER all in the victorian, anthropomorphic Beneath the Dead Oak Tree, published by indie comics publisher/mail service Shortbox.

Pick up Beneath the Dead Oak Tree here, and also check out Carroll’s other brilliant titles: Through the Woods, Speak, Frontier, and When I Arrived At the Castle (I’ll be speaking on that title in the coming weeks).

Julia Gforer‘s Vision is a mysterious minicomic adventure that is equal parts dark, compelling, and sensuous, and this is only the first issue!

Unfortunately, Vision is not available at the moment, but in the mean time check out her graphic novel Laid Waste (published by Fantagraphics) and make sure to visit her Etsy store, Thorazos. Oh and check out her Threadless shop too.


From Nobrow Press and Molly Mendoza comes a dimension hopping story of growing up known as Skip.

This book makes sure you are immediately grabbed by it’s beautiful illustration, and Molly nails the atmosphere with every page turn. Preorder it here!

This week I get a chance to speak with Ezra Clayton Daniels!

We talk about all kind of stuff including Upgrade Soul from Lion Forge and the app it originated in, the personal zine Pressure from Radiator Comics, and of course the brand new Fantagraphics collaboration title w/Ben Passmore, BTTM FDRS (that link is to preorder).

Make sure to check out his Instagram too. Lot’s of awesome art on there.


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