Crowd Funding Round-Up #2

A brand new anthology approaches! Stacked Deck Press and Prism Comics have teamed up under the editorial team of Victor Kerney and Tara Madison Avery to bring you Crush, an anthology from new LGBTQAIU names to the comic scene on the various perspectives of gender, sexuality and relationships including asexuality, polyamory, aromanticism and more. The preview images speak for themselves, but boy does this seem like a fun collection. Plus you know I’m super into personal stories like this, especially when I (and many others) can relate to various aspects. You can get Crush for a very decent price ($10 digital/$25 physical) here.

Stuart John Mccune is back with another Kickstarter! Actors focuses on who we are underneath the surface level in a story that breaks down the concept of the public masks we wear and the effect those masks have on society. It looks like an absolute trip and is promised to have it’s fair share of mind bending metareality between the two covers. Artwise, the representations shown are powerful and seem to convey the Mccune’s concept in a distinct and colorful way. Plus, who doesn’t love a thoughtful oneshot? You can back this campaign here.

A new fantasy story emerges in the form of Kirt Burdick‘s Fae Archaic. This book introduces crime to the world of faeries in style that is reminiscent to me of Mouseguard. The illustration style just looks so natural and the way Burdick draws not only these fantasy characters but also the natural world is gorgeous. The world of Fae Archaic is already neat looking with so many lush environments, but add some forest octopi and you really have nothing to lose. Get your fantasy noir on here.

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