Small Press Snapshot #4

It should be no secret to anyone that I am a fan of Kristyna Baczynski‘s work and 87,000 Steps: Five Days in Amsterdam is no exception. This book is a travelogue of Kristyna’s freezing cold time in Amsterdam taking in food, experiences, and exquisite canines during an art trip. Though the environment is very cold we are treated to a tale that shows off some interesting sights while also showing how adaptable and intrigued Kirstyna is by the world around her. This title is definitely different from the other books from the artist I’ve read, Vantage and Hand Me Down, but it was a lot of fun seeing this trip through Kristyna’s lens, and the way she illustrates the various city locales is wonderful AND printed in risograph (always my favorite style). Buy 87,000 Steps here!

Everyone always jokes about the the “what if” of societal destruction but what skills will actually help you make it? The empowering Sage Liskey (owner of Rad Cat Press) is here to tell you in Surviving the Collapse of Society. This zine shows various occupations that are going to be needed if/when the stuff hits the fan, and particularly useful disciplines within the jobs are called out so you’d know what to focus on. Some of these occupations are going to be pretty obvious to you, but in this comprehensive little book we also see some jobs we may not have expected but logically would be important (like soap makers and sex workers). This isn’t some goofy “how to survive the apocalypse” guide, Liskey clearly put in a lot of work and thought into what would be required of society in this type of situation. Pick up this zine and get prepared.

This right here is a heart breaking little book. I’m A Magician is a zine of illustrations and prose from an artist who only has their now defunct social media name listed, Snakesforhands. This zine introduces us to the partners that the artist has had over time not by their name, but by their archetype, such as cheaters, gaslighters, romantics, etc. Each label is matched with a short prose piece telling us what the creator’s experience with this type of individual has been, and how it has affected them or made them feel over time. Also matching each piece is a different illustration depicting the general tone of the accompanying relationship, all in a traditional tattoo/tarot art style (that’s the best way I can think to describe it). The last piece in this book is not an archetype, but the zinester explaining how they have grown, with some thanks to these heartbreaking individuals. Unfortunately, I have no idea where to get this powerful piece, but if that changes I’ll post it.

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