Small Press Snapshot #3

Chris Spalton‘s The Eelman Chronicles collect the real and probably real stories of Spalt the Eelman as he braves the marshes of the Fens in his galoshes to hunt the slippery eel-usive prey (totally stole that from Chris) from which he becomes the Eelman. Chris archives Spalt (his father) and tells stories of bravery, silliness, and the bizarre all with a cartoon style that catches the eye with a great underground comix feel, plus a lot of respect. Buy this book and learn all about this peculiar line of work and the man putting in the hours here.

In Nicholas Poonamallee (writer) & Szymon Sobczak‘s (artist) Fetch we get treated to a fantasy world occupied by the gold hungry Pan and Bart as they perform tasks both moral and not in an effort to strike it big. The character duo have great chemistry and a big part of that is due to the equally great chemistry of the creative team. The tasks and speech from these two adventurers is perfect for the genre and it really feels like this could be a tabletop campaign, with a healthy dose of humor. Szymon’s art is full of sword and sorcery (mostly sword which I’m down) and the action has just the right amount of badass stunts and humor. Get a critical hit by buying Fetch here.

What starts off as a charming spoof becomes an existential battle between a hero and his creator in Dave Mercier‘s Hop Dude. As Hop Dude goes through life just hanging out with Brother (Luigi), eating pasta, being a plumber, and bookending each strip with “Mamma Mia!” he finds himself wanting and obtaining something more, such as his son, Spaghetti, good friend Amelia, arch-nemesis Hubris (Waluigi) and the sinister Miyamoto (legit Shigeru Miyamoto). Dave’s interpretations of these characters are an absolute delight, and as we near the end of the story, shit’s getting real. Check Hop Dude out on Instagram or buy the ebook here.

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