Radical Guardian Skater X

This week marks two years of me writing at For the Love of Indie. It has been a great ride so far. I got to read many comics and talk to a lot of great creators. Most importantly, writing these reviews has increased my personal confidence and work ethic. Thank you for taking the time to read my reviews every week! Now, let’s get into it! 

Radical Guardian Skater X is written by Chris Sims. The artwork is by Joe Hunter. The lettering is by Josh Krach. There are three issues in this series that premiered in September of 2014. Radical Guardian Skater X is published by Action Age Comics. 

Radical Guardian Skater X is an action adventure comic book revolving around a skateboarding superhero. Theo is a skateboarding whiz. When his skills are combined with his friend Ria’s gadgets, he becomes the powerful Skater X. Theo uses his talents to defeat bad guys with the power of skateboarding. 

Issue one takes place at Ramp City High School. One of the students is very stressed about exams. The anxiety gets the best of him and he transformed into the Tester. This villain seeks vengeance on anyone who does not take testing seriously. Will Skater X be able to defeat them? 

I really liked how the creators were able to capture the feelings of being a teenager. Failing a test can feel like the end of the world as a child. Add in some hormonal mood swings and you have an angry villain on your hands. I found this to be very easy to relate to. 

Hunter’s art style captured me from the first page. I love the textured backgrounds. The character moden’s are really cool. For example, the Tester’s body is a scantron worksheet. Their shoulder pads are pencil erasers. The artwork in Radical Guardian Skater X is as creative and entertaining as the story itself. 

My favorite panel is when Jerry begins to turn into the Tester. His pupils go away and his anger is shown as a cloud of purple smoke. The lines of his speech bubble is sketchy and distorted. 

Overall, I thought that Radical Guardian Skater X was a fun read. I am a fan of Chris Sim’s other work and was happy to be introduced to the other creators. I am happy that stumbled upon this series. I am always focused on new and upcoming books. Sometimes I forget that there are excellent books that I do not know about. 

I would recommend this series to anyone who is a fan of superhero, school tales and skateboarding. It might just be because I am a child of the 90s, but I thought Skater X also had a sense of 90s nostalgia. 

Radical Guardian Skater X is available on Comixology

This article is written by, Aaron Iara

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