Crowd Funding Round-Up #1


Orion is a mixed media comic/animation by Alejandro Lira. In this book we visit a planet where the technology humanity developed is proving a bit… archaic. Perhaps the new tech found under Orion’s surface could be used instead, if not for the civil war that just erupted! Learn all about the Kickstarter and the blend of comics and animation involved here.


The Life & Times of Butch is an artistic history lesson featuring prominent lesbians with quotes, accolades and stories compiled and drawn by Eloisa Aquino (published by Microcosm Publishing). Everyone featured in the book shows confidence in their defiance of “norms” in order to be who they want to be and the result is an accessible hardcover volume capturing inspiring moments that are both educational & uplifting. I also love how there are tiers to get this book donated to queer centers, what an excellent idea. Plus there are tiers that allow you to get some more feminist, sexy, and queer zines. Check out the Kickstarter & see for yourself.


My Kingdom for a Panel (published by Arledge Comics) is a collection of comics of varying genres all meant to modernize or represent new takes on tales from everyones’ favorite bard, William Shakespeare. While some stories rerepresent the classic plays, other exist only to honor the accomplishments and contributions made by good ol’ Willy Shakes. For fans of the bard, fans of literature, or fans of comics this seems like an excellent read, plus looking at the samples it isn’t all in iambic pentameter, so those who found the original speech daunting may find this more accessible. There is a massive talent pool onboard here, including Beth Barnett who’s title Hallo Spaceboy we have reviewed before. You can back this title here!

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