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When I was little I used to love reading Archie Digest. They were the perfect little books to carry around school with me. I could get my comic fix during school without damaging my single issues.

I once left my Archie Digest on my desk after class. I realized during my next class and went back for it after the bell rang. To my surprise (not really), I found my book scattered down the hallway in a million pieces.

Loving comic books was not always cool and accepted, especially in high school. A lot of people, including myself, were bullied for our aesthetic preferences. Kids, and sadly many adults, can be irrationally ego-driven and ignorantly barbaric.

While I am sure this dynamic still exists, comic book and comic book-related content are far more prevalent in our society. The internet allows us to connect to other enthusiasts with ease. If only the high school quarterback could see me now.

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About Planet of the Nerds

Planet of the Nerds is written by Paul Constant. The art is by Alan Robinson. The coloring is by Felipe Sobreiro.  The lettering is by Rob Steen.

This comic is published by AHOY Comics. This company publishes many great series, such as High Heaven and Edgar Allen Poe’s Snifter of Terror. There is currently one issue of Planet of the Nerds which premiered on April 17th of 2019.

It is the late 1980s and it is the last day of school. In typical fashion, the jocks need to get one last beating on the school nerd before summer break starts.

After following the nerd to his secret hideout, the jocks are frozen by the nerd’s cryogenic device. They thaw out in 2019 to find themselves in their worst nightmare. The world is filled with superhero-loving, comic book reading nerdy people.

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Planet of the Nerds Review

I thought that Planet of the Nerds #1 was a fantastic read. The story line really hit home for me. My favorite comics are ones that are relatable and evoke an emotional response. Though I went to school in the 1990s and 2000s, this book brought me right back to my high school days.

The artwork  in Planet of the Nerds is great. It feels like you are reading a comic from the 1980s. Not only do the characters fit the 80s movie stereotypes, the book also has the newsprint style of older comics.

This is a small detail, but I really like the way the character’s mouths are drawn. Facial expressions are one of the most important factors in comic book immersion. There is nothing worse than reading a comic where the characters look like mannequins. The creative team here excelled at giving the characters dynamic facial features.

I am excited for more Planet of the Nerds. This first issue set up the plot perfectly. The fun is just beginning for these frozen jocks. Make sure you keep an eye on this excellent book, and the rest of the creative series being put out by AHOY Comics.

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Where to Find Planet of the Nerds

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An article by, Aaron Iara