Small Press Snapshot #2


Can You Make the Dog Sexier? I certainly can’t, but in this book from Alexander Sloves (artist) and Kelly Leigh Miller (writer) they sure try to. This zine is hilarious. It’s a collection of emails sent back and forth between a Sleepy King mattress store manager and a graphic designer trying to make their dog mascot that just isn’t _____ enough. The mattress store manager keeps getting more needy, the artist keeps getting more sarcastic, and the dog just keeps getting more monstrous. All of the emails from the owner are so ridiculous and we get to see an art evolution as this simple canine illustration becomes… something else. I got this at SPX and can’t seem to find a place to buy it now, but check out the creators sites for more comics and art by them.


In a suspicious future, a young man named Ngoni-Toni enters biologically controlled trains, dangerous entities, and an ethereal dream/nightmarescape all in hopes of harvesting the highly sought after Power Root. Protomurk #3 is written and drawn by Zeke Clough, and boy of boy is it a trip. The creature designs that Zeke creates are about 75% hellish and 25% cartoonish, making for an excellent cast to navigate through this organically winding world. I haven’t read earlier Protomurk issues, however I found myself very involved in Toni’s quest. The title is a ton of fun and its printed in risograph, making the images pop even more. Read a sample here and buy more Protomurk here.

Put A Egg On It is a dream for food fans. It’s a collection of comics recipes and stories about various eateries. The content in this issue (#14) ranged from food cameos in film, goat recipes, food based art, and a look into numerous individually owned restaurants. The restaurant spotlights were of particular interest to me, as this issue featured one of my all time favorite Korean restaurants, Sunhee’s (this article was by Julia Gillard). Besides just discussing these restaurants the magazine and reporters actually take the time to talk to the people behind them and really show how they tick and what they do for their communities. It was serious fun, though it did make me hungry. You can get this tasty zine from the Put A Egg On It website.

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