Small Press Snapshot #1

Introducing a new series I’m playing with! Really just an outlet to talk about even more great independent work.


Cait Zellers‘ Depression Hole takes the strong and daunting experience of having depression and illustrates it in a tangible way. She manages to capture so much of what depression is in a visually arresting style that is equal parts terrifying to witness but so true in feeling. I thought Cait’s descriptors that walk you through her own experiences made this book an artistic achievement that can educate those who don’t know how depression effects people, and validates those who experience it. Also gosh DARN that’s an incredible cover. Unfortunately I can’t find where to buy this zine, but you should check out Cait’s comics on Comixology and check out her art for sale on Etsy.


Justine Claire‘s The Encampment is a straight up horror zine with an unseen antagonist. Using the character of Slender Man, we see some kids terrified for their lives after finding evidence of bizarre activity. The collaged art gave this book a dreary tone that increased in tension as it went on and Justine uses onomatopoeia to further that sentiment and showcase the threat. We get treated to a horrific character that she is clearly interested in and understands as a horror element. Buy it here! Also take a look at some of that sweet sweet mouse paw jewelry.


Betsey Swardlick‘s Spaghetti Punch #1 (published by Radiator Comics) is a goofy anthology that has a bunch of smart jokes and clever stories involving puns, cold treats fueled by your own blood, rats stuck in traffic, and how wrestlers should dress (I’m all for the old school look FYI). The artwork adds to the humor with some equally enjoyable sight gags. It’s great to see more of Betsey’s comic work after loving Glamera (which she worked on with Penina Gal). Buy Spaghetti Punch here!

An article by, Drew Van Genderen

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